Коды к игре ToCA Race Driver 2: Ultimate Racing Simulator

TOPDOWN - Top down view
HANGOVER - Hazy screen
REPEL - Cars stay out of your way
DOUBLE - All tracks available
CARTASTIC - All cars available
OUCH - Battle mode available
RUBBER - Bouncy crashes
MOVIE - Funny crash
HIGHJUMP - Light gravity
HANGOVER - Fuzzy horizon
SKINNY - Wheels only
SKATES - Double the speed, stopping power, and traction.
GIRDLE Ill - proportioned environments
TIMEOUT - Full distances
TECKLOCK - Unlock extra track
FASTBOY - Turbo on
MINICARS - Small cars with top down view
TRIPPY - Psychedelic mode
ICCKLE - Tiny cars
POSHKID - No points needed for championship mode
OUTTAKE - Commentary
CMFORD - Mondeo only